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Fuel for Discovery 

Build your competitive advantage, innovate and

do more with capital-smart drug development in Philadelphia, the nucleus of cell and gene therapy. 

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Building your bio edge

What to look for when choosing a strategic facility that
supports your science and offers capital conscious cost advantage. 

Prioritize proximity to academic research

Settling in an established cluster, steps away from cutting-edge research institutions will accelerate your bio innovation journey.

Ultra Labs is surrounded by 15 world leading medical institutions and is #2 in the U.S. for Cell and Gene Therapy growth and #1 in NIH grants for CGT research .

Locate for talent

Look for markets where you can tap into a rich pool of skilled professionals and visionary minds that will foster your growth.


Ultra Labs taps into a workforce of over 75,000 - including talent from the University of Pennsylvania, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Wistar Institute, Drexel University and Big Pharma. Philadelphia also produces approximately 1500 biomedical graduates annually from top rated programs. 

Understand your local support

A supportive local ecosystem that nurtures your bio endeavors at every step can be a powerful ally.

More than 60 cell and gene therapy development companies firms are currently located in Greater Philadelphia, forming a strong supportive peer network.  Several prominent government and private sector organizations  also opperate as supportive partner to the growth of life sciences locally.


Seek out opportunities for incentives

Benefit from a range of incentives designed to fuel your success, from grants to tax advantages.

Ultra Labs is eligible for Philadelphia's Real Estate Tax Abatement on New construction which can produce immediate  savings of   $8.50 per square foot per year to tenants. 


Ultra Labs' position in the University City Philadelphia Station District is a designated Federal Opportunity Investment Zone, which can also realize substantial future capital gains savings. 

Look for custom built facilities

Save time and money that can be deployed in more meaningful ways by seeking out specialized scientific properties with bio-specific environments.

Every square foot of Ultra Labs will be dedicated to science and offer the highest base building technology to the market. Learn more about Ultra Labs' scientific project specification here.


Controlled environments

are better for business

Ensure the ideal conditions for your research and production with spaces engineered to protect cutting edge-IP.

Ultra Labs is right sized for a headquarters facility and has floor sizes optimized to single users, affording control over drug development process and intellectual property.

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Philadelphia University City Lab & cGMP Space for Lease
Breaking Ground this Winter

Ultra Labs will be a state-of-the-art, eleven-story, 185,279 square foot building including predesigned and engineered infrastructure for BSL2 labs and 1-3 floors of cGMP manufacturing. Spaces available as soon as 2025.  The time to plan for your advantage is now. 


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Discover more about our exciting future leasing opportunity in the capital of cell and gene therapy.  Leave a message and our team will reach out quickly. 

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